Services are charged at £40 per hour.

Some services such as stereo mastering are based on flat rates of £25 per track or £230 for a full project. 
We pride ourselves on efficiency and value for money and always try to keep costs down.



The process of mixing together the separate layers/stems of a track into a dynamic and well rounded mix. Mixing involves using equalization, dynamics processing, and creative processes such as reverbs and delays. This is the most important stage of getting a track to sound rich and powerful.



The process of Mastering takes a collection of finished mixes and prepares them for distribution by ensuring that all tracks are at a consistent and coherent level and tone. This mainly involves subtle equalization and dynamics manipulation. Think of it like a good grating of parmesan on an already flavoursome bowl of pasta.


Music For Film

As TIKAL45 we compose iconic original music for both film and advertising. For more information head to



Upon request we are able to create vivid and iconic album artwork. We also specialise in clean and engaging typographic layouts and in various 2D design disciplines.